A historic business with a truly modern outlook

Grayson (GB) Ltd is a modern, dynamic, customer focused company supplying fixings, fasteners and consumables to the construction industry and local authorities. Throughout our history the business has remained true to its traditional values, reputation for reliability, high quality products, and value for money.

As a market leading specialist-fixing supplier we recognise the important role that high quality products play in achieving a safe and productive environment. So when you contact us you can be sure that you will receive impartial and accurate information, helping you to make the right decisions on product choice.
In addition to traditional supply methods we also provide a range
of specialist services, including:

•   A Range of Emergency ‘Same Day Delivery’ Options
•   Web-based Trading and Electronic Data Interchange
•   Inventory Management Systems (JIT / Kanban / Lean)
•   Call Off Ordering
•   Take Offs / Quantifying
•   Site Implants
•   Product Kitting