Contact us to order: 08448 50 40 50
Contact us to order: 08448 50 40 50


Type 2 Housing Tie

The Type 2 Tie is designed for use on domestic houses and small commercial buildings up to three storeys or 15 metres in height. Grayson suggests an approximate embedment of 62.5mm for the wall ties. It meets and exceeds the requirements of a Type 2 Tie as stated in DD140.

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The Type 2 General Purpose Stainless Steel Cavity Wall Ties is a distinctive solution, offering a tangle-free design for masonry cavity walls in domestic homes and small commercial buildings up to a maximum height of 15m. This design innovation offers a cost-effective and practical resolution that outperforms its contemporaries.

Highly Tested and Compliant

These ties are thoroughly tested to meet BS EN 846-5: 2012 and BS EN 845-1: 2013 requirements, ensuring their quality and reliability. Furthermore, they also fulfil the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations for Type B ties in external walls, making them a versatile and trusted choice in the industry.


  • Tangle-Free: The unique tangle-free design saves precious time on the construction site and reduces costs related to material wastage.
  • Bundled Supply: These ties are supplied in bundles, delivering practical benefits for bricklayers and facilitating an efficient construction process.
  • Enhanced Safety: The tangle-free design and bundled supply reduce the risk of accidents on the construction site, promoting safer working conditions.
  • Minimal Packaging: With no boxes involved, the Type 2 Wall Ties produce minimal packaging waste, supporting sustainable construction practices.
  • Better Storage: Their design and packaging allow for improved storage, particularly during inclement weather, reducing potential damage and loss.
  • Compliance with Building Regulations: The Type 2 Wall Ties meet the Part E requirements of the Building Regulations for a Type B tie in external walls. This implies that a masonry cavity wall tie can only be used if the measured dynamic stiffness is less than 113MN/m3.
SizePart NumbersDescriptionQuantity
2001000/200200mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie250
2251000/225225mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie250
2501000/250250mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie250
2751000/275275mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (101mm-125mm)250
2751000/275150275mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (126mm-150mm)250
3001000/300300mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (101mm-125mm)250
3001000/300150300mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (126mm-150mm)250
Size 200
Part Numbers 1000/200
Description 200mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie
Quantity 250
Size 225
Part Numbers 1000/225
Description 225mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie
Quantity 250
Size 250
Part Numbers 1000/250
Description 250mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie
Quantity 250
Size 275
Part Numbers 1000/275
Description 275mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (101mm-125mm)
Quantity 250
Size 275
Part Numbers 1000/275150
Description 275mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (126mm-150mm)
Quantity 250
Size 300
Part Numbers 1000/300
Description 300mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (101mm-125mm)
Quantity 250
Size 300
Part Numbers 1000/300150
Description 300mm Type 2 General Purpose Tie (126mm-150mm)
Quantity 250
Contact us to order: 08448 50 40 50

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Regional Manager

Andy is not just our Regional Manager; he is a dedicated family man, an active sports enthusiast, and brings nearly 40 years of construction industry experience to the team.  

Away from the office, Andy still plays cricket at the grand age of 58, showing the young ones what he’s made of when playing on the same team as his son. He also avidly supports Arsenal FC.

Andy also cherishes family time with his childhood sweetheart, wife of 35 years, their three adult children, and grandchildren.

An ex-retained fireman who served for six years in the 1980s, Andy’s dedication extends beyond work, showcasing his commitment to community and family.

Katie Wills

Regional Manager

Meet Katie Wills, our vibrant Regional Manager who finds joy in spending time with her family, keeping fit, and taking part in fun-filled challenges.

With an energetic and outgoing personality, Katie thrives on trying new things, even venturing into coasteering in 2023 with her son.

She’s not afraid to push boundaries, whether climbing mountains (previously done Kilimanjaro) for charity or conquering marathons and skydives. I wonder what challenge is next on the list?

When not on an adventure, Katie cherishes time with loved ones, embodying a sociable spirit that brings warmth to our team. 

Madelaine Pieterse

Regional Manager

Madelaine has always worked in construction so she knows her way around the industry, but she will often get lost in her own town.

Born in South Africa, Madelaine swapped the stunning sunshine in Cape Town for the cloudy charm of Belfast. We’re not sure what made her make this decision, starting a new life in Ireland isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Madelaine is mother to two sons 22 and 25 who she loves to spend her time with, watching them mature into handsome men.

Grayson GB - Jim Martin

Jim Martin

Regional Manager

Our regional manager Jim likes to pretend that he is ‘pure Scottish’ but secretly he’s half English. Now, we ‘dinnae ken’ why he’s proud of his Scottish ancestry, but each to their own!

Despite his Scottish routes, Jim is great at his job, there’s no denying that.

You won’t often see Jim cracking up in the office, but we suppose there isn’t a lot to laugh at up in Scotland so he’s probably out of practice.

Helen Gibson

Regional Manager

Helen spends most of her time playing with her orchestra. She claims that her biggest passion is music, but then again, her instrument of choice is the flute.

Playing her flute isn’t the only music that Helen makes, she is the proud owner of a big laugh that bounces off every corner of the office. More often than not, you will hear her laugh before you see her!

Helen’s a single girl, and enjoys meeting up with friends for nights out at the cinema, eating out and keeping the local Brew Dog in business!! She says she doesn’t drink much…. we know different!

Kevin Jagg

Operations Director

Kevin has been in the construction game for a long time, over 30 years! He worked at Grayson & Co back in 1993 and has unfortunately known Tony throughout this time. Now he’s decided to join the senior leadership after knowing Clare and Chris for 18 years.

At the weekend, Kevin enjoys meeting friends for a beer or 3 and loves to travel all over the world on cruises.

Clare Spivey

Sales & Marketing Director

Although she won’t admit it, Clare has been in the game a long time.

Supplying power tools and fixings was her first job in the construction industry. Due to this she has the ability to spot a tool a mile off.

Clare must have been a magician in a former life as her ability to spin plates is quite something. With a husband who works away, 2 kids with a shed load of activities, her taxi and cheerleading skills are on hand most evenings and weekends.

Clare and her family enjoy escaping to Filey, where they enjoy long walks on the beach and eating fish and chips. Clare loves her holiday home as there is absolutely no phone signal.

Henry Bareham

Specification Director

Henry’s takes great pride in his family, a wife to whom he’s absurdly lucky to have been married to for over 30 years. And two children in their 20’s, who now talk to him having managed their way through the teenage years.

Having left his pretend job of 15 years as a fully-fledged P.G.A qualified Golf Professional, Henry has managed his last 20 years + in construction within manufacturing, technical specification, and sub-contracting.

He spends his time away from work trying to re-kindle the talent he had a long time ago on the golf course, whilst also managing a keen interest in the gym, trying to maintain the muscle to body fat ratio in a good way.

Chris Bentley

Regional Manager

Chris’s claim to fame is working with both Tony and Clare for over 24 years, and still being alive to tell the tale. He’s been working for Grayson since day one!

Outside of the office, Chris has a passion for music and plays in a Brass Band. He’s performed at the Albert Hall, and recently performed at Soccer Aid for Unicef in front of 70,000 supporters at Old Trafford.

If he’s not playing music or working, Chris does also like to watch Barnsley FC which unfortunately, doesn’t put a smile on his face too often.

Tony Higson ​

CEO & Managing Director ​

Having two teenage daughters, Tony enjoys spending much of this time working away.

He also has an old wife and new a Doberman, therefore the only time people value him is in the office or on site.

As a Sheffield Wednesday fan, the poor fella doesn’t get any joy there either.

Tony has been the Managing Director of Grayson for nearly twenty-years. For all of this time he was also moonlighting for ACS. Again, holding down two jobs was the perfect excuse for not going home.  

In a previous life Tony used to play solders, however he has very few war stories due to the fact his job was to the fix equipment real soldiers used.

Tony’s biggest fear is retirement.